Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rush Fall 2012

Hey everyone!
Sorry we haven't kept up with the blog very consistently... I, Nightshade, the new historian, am hopefully going to doing more posting this semester and uploading pictures to keep things more updated.

Rush has started, and we've had 3 awesome events so far:
Game/dessert night, jewelry-making/movie night, and park picnic.

We've had 6 different rushees so far and we are excited about this coming week -- it's going to be full of even more fun events!

We still have:

Tie-dye Taco Tuesday
Bonfire Thursday
Surprise event Friday :]

Check out the facebook event for details:

We're scheduling some Coke Dates and are super stoked for what God has in store for us and the new pledges the rest of this semester!

Here's a collage of pictures from our first night of rush:

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