Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What a semester, and its only the beginning!!

Wow, how blessed our we?! Let me tell you, God has been blessing us like crazy!
First and foremost, we are SO happy to report that our advisor, Jan, is now cancer free!! We are so excited to share this happy time with her and continue in prayer for her rapid recovery from surgery!

Rush week this year was so much fun! All of the events were filled with joy and laughter. God has blessed us with 6 pledges this semester! They are our Danger Deltas, the poisonous plant class :) We have snapdragon, foxglove, windflower, mayapple, nightshade, and tigerlily! They are so precious! I look forward to seeing God use them in our chapter in amazing ways!

A couple weekends ago, we had national convention in Atlanta, Georgia! Four of us were able to go: Sapphire, Periwinkle, Hootenanny, and Amethyst, along with our junior advisor, Jamie (Aquamarine)! It was such a fun time for the five of us to bond together as we flew there and back, as well as a time to meet sisters from other chapters and form relationships with them! It was such a blessed weekend and we wish that all of our girls could have been with us!

This coming weekend, we will be in Carlsbad for our Retreat!! An amazing time for bonding and digging into the Word together!

I know this is just a quick update, but I'm hoping to post a little more in-depth and some pictures soon :)

Amethyst 4Z

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