Monday, February 21, 2011

Semester Update!

Hello everyone!!
Okay ready for updates!! First, this semester God did not provide any pledges. Sad :( However, we whole heartily believe that God has a different plan for us this semester to grow together as active sisters :) We have made a lot of chapter goals this semester, like hanging out more with other chapters, and hanging out more often then on Mondays with our chapter! We are really excited to get this semester going. We feel like it has had sort of  slow start, but we are ready to get it going. Cork and Tickle Me Pink have been working especially hard to get ADX recognized on campus as a club. Please be praying for that as they deal with school administrators and move through that process. Also, Aqua and Sapphire just got back from the annual ADX leadership conference in San Diego. Tonight is our chapter meeting and we will get to hear all about it :) Also, please continue to pray for our sister overseas Amethyst!! Pray that she continues to learn new things, enjoy her classes and the new world around her, and that she finds real Christian fellowship to connect with. As always, please be praying for the rest of our chapter; actives, inactives, and alums included!! We can never use enough prayer, love and support. Well that is all our updates (that I can think of) so ta-ta for now! <3
<3 Wicklow (Meagan)

Here is another blog I came across that ya'll should check out and follow!! Wonderful reading on this page about what faith and God's word!
------> Simply Heavenly Food

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